So I entered the place where I usual prayed and mindful
of the words of the holy man I began to say, "Holy God".
At once I was so greatly moved to tears and loving desire
for God that I would be unable to describe in words the
joy and the delight I then felt. I fell prostrate on the
ground, and at once I saw,and behold, a great light was
immaterially shining on me and seized hold of my whole
mind and soul, so that I was struck with amazement at the
unexpected marvel and I was, as it were, in ecstasy.

Moreover I forgot the place where I stood, who I and where
and could only cry out, 'Lord, have mercy,' so that when I
came to myself I discovered I was reciting this. But who it
was that was speaking, and who moved my tongue, I do not
know - only God knows.

St. Symeon the New Theologian
Catechetical Discourse XVI

There is One Being, who knows Himself and sees Himself.
He dwells in Himself,
And from Himself sets forth.
Glory to His Name.
This is a Being who by His own will is in every place,
Who is invisible and visible,
Manifest and secret.
He is above and below.

Saint Ephraim of Syria

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